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In May of 2008, I had this crazy idea. To ask the boss to let me work remote, and travel around and have fun. To have a different schedule than the regular work – home – work – home humdrum.

Then I let this idea simmer for a while. Then I let it go. Then I remembered it again in June. Then I forgot it again. The pattern continued till Mid July. Until someone finally convinced me to take the fantasy and turn it into reality.

08/05/2008 – Asked the boss for permission to work remotely. He agreed immediately. This is the kind of thing that makes you sit back and appreciate a good boss.


08/06/2008 – Started looking at Google Map to chart a route. No Route 66. Need to get there somewhat fast. Also reliably.

08/08/2008 – Made the hotel reservations for the layovers.

On Saturday the drive will begin.

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