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Unknown, USA?

So last week I had to fly to this unknown place. No airline flies there directly from my local airport. So there must be a layover somewhere. Of course, the layover is in the best airports such as Charlotte, NC.

That whole thought is a big yawn.

So I get there for the customer testing. The testing wasn’t really properly done. The customer wasn’t really ready. They were only worried about one main thing that they wanted to verify. They didn’t want to verify the whole thing. Just the one item first.

Flying back the flight was delayed, then cancelled. Got home late night. Was a long day. On top of that one customer person was sniffling his nose. Sneezing. Supposedly had the flu. They didn’t worry about it and put me in the room where this guy also had an office.

Gladly I got out of there minus the flu. It was one lousy week.

Thanksgiving – A reflection

Thanksgiving is meant to be a time to give thanks for what you’re thankful for. This year was odd for me. Well, every year is odd for me. I typically don’t do well emotionally on days where some type of reflection is involved on the year past. Normally, my year past is always about having sat around and done nothing. In my personal relationships, I don’t tend to do well. I could sit here and write about how I was taught incorrectly and how it might have to do with my environment. But that doesn’t help, so what’s the point?

When I think about what I can do to make a difference, I try to implement that. But then I always come across resistance and with with each year the motivation just comes slower. It’s sort of dawning on me that there’s a reason old people tend to be cynical and pessimistic while young people tend to be vibrant, hopeful and optimistic. I guess enough old people have tried enough on their own to make a change and failed. Or they have seen “realities” of things not being so rosy. And young people tend to be so full of eagerness, willing to give it their best. Undaunted by the mathematical odds.

I feel, I just want to travel the country and be more on the road. The summer trip to California was a little different since there was time deadline and I had to just drive straight thru. But still it was an eye opener as to how nice it is to travel and see new places. Meeting new peope is fine too, but it’s a little old.

Hopefully, next year will have another possibility to travel.

Chasing a Dream?

Got tired of going to work and doing nothing all day. Well, it’s not nothing. But it’s meaningless work.

It’s not work you’d think of later and feel satisfaction of knowing that you spent your time, time out of your life, doing something that meant something. Something that contributed to society in some meaningful way. Or something that was enjoyable to do. It’s all politics with the internal customer and games. Tell something here and tell something there.

On the other hand, the super markets have reduced my 401k by a good 30%. Last checking showed about 30% down. Good thing I don’t have to retire in the next five years. Although, that would be nice. I’d like to work towards retiring early and then doing something more fun. Some like playing videos games on the computer…. No just kidding. Something like travelling the world or so.

Until then, I’ll try to think of something else I can do.

On a yet another note, I have been watching Team Knight Rider on Hulu. Fun times in college when late night, I used to watch that show. Along with the many other Nick At Nite shows. Never worried about mid terms or finals or what have you…

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