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Road Trip Plan

The current plan is to drive from Dallas, TX to Ontario, CA. The trip will take 19hours some minutes if done in one leg. However, this is not only too much for the driver but also for the car. Some say the new cars are built to be driven so this should not be a problem. However, a break allows the driver to rest and inspect the car and re-energize. It also gives the opportunity to use the digital camera.


  • Dallas, TX – Roswell, NM – Leg 1
  • Roswell, NM – Phoenix, AZ – Leg 2
  • Phoenix, AZ – Ontario, CA – Leg 3


  • 2006 Ford Mustang.


  • Cell Phone
  • Music CDs
  • Chocolate (Thanks Gina!)
  • Cell Phone Car Charger – To be purchased.

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