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Lot of Good Movies to Choose From

So many new movies have come out recently such as the Star Trek movie or the Transformers movies and I haven’t seen any of them. I have been busy and then I haven’t had many people available to go with. But soon blockbuster should have some of those movies so maybe I can just rent the movies. Still watching Star Trek on the big screen would be different.

Star Trek

So a new Star Trek movie is out! And I’m so excited to see it. I have never seen a trek movie before. I have seen most of TOS, all of Voyager and TNG and some of DS9. But never saw any of the movies. Either never had friends who were interested in watching those, or the movies were before I started watching star trek.

But this one is getting good reviews. I’m excited that I would get to see it.

I only hope Luke finally finds out who his father is! Ok, just kidding, I know that is Star Wars.

Well Some Slow Days

It’s been a few days since I had stepped outside the apt. Today I went outside after 2 days. In the last few days, I’ve just sat around and played online and socialized online. Logging into irc channels (technical  channels for help and helping), watching Star Trek and Chuck on the computer. I finally have the firewall issues fixed on the Windows XP computer so I can VNC into it. Using the laptop running xubuntu, for web surfing and occasional logging into the XP computer for remote control.

It’s been a nice reflection on the past habits of just staying home and doing online activities. But I have also increasingly seen the need to get out more and socialize with “real” people. Soon, I will take care of that, God Willing!

A friend called today to ask if I wanted to hang out. But today just hasn’t been an active day. I told him sorry I couldn’t hang out today. Will talk during the week.

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