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Lot of Good Movies to Choose From

So many new movies have come out recently such as the Star Trek movie or the Transformers movies and I haven’t seen any of them. I have been busy and then I haven’t had many people available to go with. But soon blockbuster should have some of those movies so maybe I can just rent the movies. Still watching Star Trek on the big screen would be different.

Uncomfortable Night

So last night was an uncomfortable night. My heel has been hurting and it hurt all night long. It hurt more when it was cold. This whole thing started Sunday night when I start jogging on the treadmill. I don’t have a pair of sneakers. So I used my Converse like Walmart shoes to run. I normally don’t untie and tie the laces. I just force my foot in. It’s either that or the actual running that caused my heel to be sore. Feels bruised. Last night, I was feeling feverish. The foot just kept thumping.

At one point, it was so touchy I could only sleep on one side. I couldn’t put the foot down on the other side. Can’t wait for this to get fine again. I bruise my heel many times. Sometimes just sitting on the computer chair with one foot under the other leg. Sometimes doing other things. It always hurts for a couple of days then gets fine. But in the meantime it is annoying.

Anyhoo, after not enough sleep and restlessness, it’s seeming like a long day at work. Just can’t wait for it to be done. Can’t wait to go home and just relax.

Christmas is Here!

Well, it’s not here yet…. However, the season is here. :D.

It’s nice to take a break. Been on vacation the last week. It’s been nice. To just not have to worry about going to work for a while. Of course, it’s also good to go to work and get out of the house. Going out also helps with social interaction. It’s nice to just get out and see people. It also helps stay more active. But it’s also nice to stay home for a while and not have to worry about getting out in the cold.

It’s been cold the last week. Very nice! It is the right kind of Christmas season. Just very very cold. Iced over a little. Enjoying the Christmas and the time off. Then back to work. One positive thing about work is that it makes one appreciate the vacation.

Thanksgiving – A reflection

Thanksgiving is meant to be a time to give thanks for what you’re thankful for. This year was odd for me. Well, every year is odd for me. I typically don’t do well emotionally on days where some type of reflection is involved on the year past. Normally, my year past is always about having sat around and done nothing. In my personal relationships, I don’t tend to do well. I could sit here and write about how I was taught incorrectly and how it might have to do with my environment. But that doesn’t help, so what’s the point?

When I think about what I can do to make a difference, I try to implement that. But then I always come across resistance and with with each year the motivation just comes slower. It’s sort of dawning on me that there’s a reason old people tend to be cynical and pessimistic while young people tend to be vibrant, hopeful and optimistic. I guess enough old people have tried enough on their own to make a change and failed. Or they have seen “realities” of things not being so rosy. And young people tend to be so full of eagerness, willing to give it their best. Undaunted by the mathematical odds.

I feel, I just want to travel the country and be more on the road. The summer trip to California was a little different since there was time deadline and I had to just drive straight thru. But still it was an eye opener as to how nice it is to travel and see new places. Meeting new peope is fine too, but it’s a little old.

Hopefully, next year will have another possibility to travel.

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