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More Breakaway Ideas?

It was pointed to me that the trip is over and the “little breakaway” is over. And now breakaway must be explained again and a new meaning must be assigned to it.

This whole time, I have been just wanting to catalog ideas and implement some of those ideas in the breakaway sense. So a little breakaway here and a little there. Just something to make a little break from the regular 9 to 5 rut. Something fun to do. I have quite a few ideas to work on. The biggest ones are:

  1. Bike – Buy a motorbike. The summer is almost over so it will have to be next spring. However, the winter time might give good opportunities to buy a bike.
  2. Music – Find a band to play with. Currently, looking for an apartment and then will try to find more musicians to hang out with.

More ideas as I think of them will be listed here. I’ll try to do some of these things on the list so that I’ll get a little chance to think in different directions and to focus on some of my goals.

The Search For a Band

So the search for a band begins again. Before my computer drive getting erased and the data loss, I used to record quite a bit. Now, it’s hard to just get playing and recording. I was using a lot of apps that I had gotten off of thepiratebay. Eventually, I meant to buy those and go legit. But since the crash, it’s been easier to just wait until I buy those apps legit and to not install anything that’s…. er, “borrowed”.

Now, I find myself thinking whether to buy a desktop and set it up or just buy a laptop and set that up for recording and music production. For using electronic music and techno, FLStudio and others will do just fine on a laptop. But for recording and mixing, the computer need more juice to run. Or maybe the laptop will do. Being mobile on the road, it’s nice to have a laptop without having to drag a whole desktop with you on the road. However, a bigger desktop with a tower case has more space to install drives, sound cards and to have a bigger monitor and better view.

Also trying to look for a band to play with. To at least start playing again.

The apartment search continues…. it had slowed down but I was just reminded last nite that I really oughta go find a place to move into. The sooner I move out of here, the sooner I can have a schedule that is more conducive to my work schedule. Currently, my cousins stay up and use the computer till 1am. That computer is in the same room that they have allowed me to stay in. So I can’t say anything. But I have to wake up at 6:35a and get going for the day. Feels like running on no diesel, just fumes.

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