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Using Different Linux Distros

Have been using Slackware 13 lately. It’s pretty decent. Originally, I was using Kubuntu on this laptop and it required lot of reboots. Sometimes one reboot a day. It got to be so weird. But the KDE version on kubuntu was higher so it had some new knick knacks.

Then I decided to move to slackware on this laptop. Using KDE from the Slackware install. Slackware chooses stable packages and so the packages in Slackware repos are fairly old. As a result KDE doesn’t have KNetworkManager and all wifi stuff must be done using cli. It’s not so much of a problem but every now and then the scripts just start doing odd things and take a while to connect. You can use wicd on it for GUI. But it doesn’t rival KNetworkManager.

Overall Slackware is very much nicer that Kubuntu. The overall gui response is pretty nice.

What a Slow Day

Today was a real slow day. Didn’t get much done. Lost some money today.

Recently, my power supply went out. And I had to pay good money to get it. This is a power supply that isn’t more than 2 months old. It just gave out. Not one shot either. It went out in bursts. It would give out and then run again which would cause a reboot. But then after two days it just stopped working. Anyway, had to be replaced.

Now the new power supply is running nicely. I’m not sure if I want to send the old one for a warranty replacement. I heard the new power supply is pretty nice. I like the unit and I like how quiet it is. Maybe the other one was quiet too. But when the box says, “New”, “Quiet”, etc. you really notice such things.

Also saw a movie. Nice movie. It was fun to hang out. Tomorrow’s Firday. Maybe tomorrow I’ll watch another movie or just hang out. I gotta go out and make some friends to find some girls and to have some friends.

The Windows 7

So it’s been a while since I last posted. Lot of things have been going on. I have been recording music, installing new programs, playing with different OS’s and just been busy in general.

The one thing I would like to mention in this post is that I’ve finally moved to Windows 7. Microsoft has made the Win 7 RC1 avaialble on their website and promised that it will work unrestricted until June 2010 sometime. After that it will begin shutting down every two hours until the user either buys Windows 7 or moves to another operating system. Buying an operating systme is something I haven’t considered much before. In the past this hasn’t been an issue. I either buy an OEM computer which includes the price of the operating system in the price of the computer or I have been able to take a copy of windows from work since our work says it’s ok to take software. But recently, I had decided that Microsoft probably isn’t ok with that. So I have been only using OEM Windows XP or Linux distros. Mostly Ubuntu. I had been thinking of buying a copy of Windows XP for a  computer that lost a hard drive and didn’t come with system recovery CDs. In the end I bought another computer and it had Vista installed. Anyway, back to Windows 7….

I had a Windows XP Media Center Edition 2002. It had been working great for a long time. But recently during a power outage, the mobo on the computer got fried. Which led me to buy a new motherboard and a new CPU, which led to new RAM, video card, and case. So only the HD was resused. Anyway, I was able to boot off the hard drive, call Microsoft, and have Windows reactivated. I moved the machine to a Virtual Machine and backed up the data. This way, if I want to revert back to Windows XP after the Win 7 RC is expired, I have the option. Then I installed 64-bit edition of Windows 7. I could have used the 32-bit but if the processor is 64-bit and if all the 4 slots on the new mobo can hold 2G each allowing total of 8G of RAM, I am going to need a 64-bit OS to recognize anything higher than 3G of memory. For the most part, Microsoft says only 64-bit Windows can recognize 4G of higher of RAM. There are some articles that worded confusingly which make it appear as if the user only needs 64-bit Windows for more than 4G of memory. Additionally, some people have reported being able to see 4G of RAM in 32-bit Windows XP.

Anyway, running 64-bit OS and 32-bit apps and mixing and matching is a tricky business. I’ll write a separate post on it. However, the main thing in a 64-bit OS is that all drivers must be 64-bit. Which means even if a hardware item has Windows drivers, it will only work for 32-bit Windows for sure. For it work on 64-bit Windows, it must have 64-bit drivers. Which means that two of my TV cards are unuseable at the moment. The Media Center has a TV Card that seems old and doesn’t seems to be have 64-bit drivers or any chance of getting new drivers. The other card is a AverMedia but it’s an older version and AverMedia may not have upated drivers for that card.

Despite all of that, with only 2G of RAM, Winows 7 seems to be faster on this computer than XP. It seems very responsive, which is a huge plus. The GUI has been totally updated and has a very nice and fresh appearance. The only nit is with the start menu. First, I don’t like the tree like expanding and collapsing menus. Those make it hard sometimes to see where you are. They shouldn’t but they do. It might be a matter of just getting used to the new menu. But other big thing is that I paid decent money to buy a 22″ widescreen monitor only to be restricted to small menu the size of a handheld device trying to squint and find my item. On Linux KDE simulates the Vista look and a similar menu look. But it allows to resize the menu so one can resize the menu to the entire screen. On Windows, you can’t. Which is frustrating.

Other than that, the fonts, the windows, the speed, the taskbar styles are all very impressive. The new feature of pinning apps to taskbar is pretty cool. You can pin an application to the taskbar. When that application is running it is shown by that same button. Hoevering over the button with the mouse will show a colored background indicating that an application instance is running and click on the button has the same minimize/resotre affect that the buttons in taskbar did in the previous editions of Windows. You can right-click and launch more instance of the application. Any application that is not pinned to the taskbar simply gets it’s own button on the taskbar when running. All of the apps are grouped by default. Not sure if this is changeable, but I liked the feature so really never wanted to change it.

Anyway, there you have it – a report on Windows 7. A preliminary report.

The Search For a Band

So the search for a band begins again. Before my computer drive getting erased and the data loss, I used to record quite a bit. Now, it’s hard to just get playing and recording. I was using a lot of apps that I had gotten off of thepiratebay. Eventually, I meant to buy those and go legit. But since the crash, it’s been easier to just wait until I buy those apps legit and to not install anything that’s…. er, “borrowed”.

Now, I find myself thinking whether to buy a desktop and set it up or just buy a laptop and set that up for recording and music production. For using electronic music and techno, FLStudio and others will do just fine on a laptop. But for recording and mixing, the computer need more juice to run. Or maybe the laptop will do. Being mobile on the road, it’s nice to have a laptop without having to drag a whole desktop with you on the road. However, a bigger desktop with a tower case has more space to install drives, sound cards and to have a bigger monitor and better view.

Also trying to look for a band to play with. To at least start playing again.

The apartment search continues…. it had slowed down but I was just reminded last nite that I really oughta go find a place to move into. The sooner I move out of here, the sooner I can have a schedule that is more conducive to my work schedule. Currently, my cousins stay up and use the computer till 1am. That computer is in the same room that they have allowed me to stay in. So I can’t say anything. But I have to wake up at 6:35a and get going for the day. Feels like running on no diesel, just fumes.

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