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Sony w120 so Disappointing

The Sony W120 had good reviews. Went to a store. Played with it. It has fast shooting time between pictures. For someone who wants to snap snap, it’s pretty good speed. The slideshow plays music while showing it. The camera shoots picture using smile detector. That’s a great little toy.

With all those features they forgot to put in some image quality. Squares on images show up and ruin a real nice image. To make matter a tad more interesting, the image looks like it’s painted by hand. Up close, it doesn’t look grainy. That would be still fine. It just looks like smudged colors. If you considered this camera, don’t buy this.

Would be returning it. But now the issue is that I won’t have anything to use on the trip. Plus I can’t stay until the store opens and then return and buy something else and leave. That would just take a lot of time.

Maybe another microcenter will let me return it. Hopefully. Otherwise, this will be listed on craigslist soon enough.

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