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Roswell, NM

So Roswell is pretty much another anytown, USA. Other than little green men painted on every other thing, it’s just another rundown midwest like town. It may not be midwest but sure looks it. US380 was a big disapointment to drive on. It is small and boring and dull. Fun but still boring. Put more wear and tear on the tires driving on some odd incorrectly paved road/street.

Will definitely take the 40 on the way back to Dallas, TX.

So what is so special about little cheesy paintings of aliens? It’s eccentric. It’s still fun to see. The UFO museum was closed by the time I was ready to go to it. Arrived in town 4pm. Got done and headed out 4:30. Saw a museum sign and went it. It was the Roswell Arts Museum or some such. Not the UFO museum. By the time got out, it was closed.

So will post some pictures later.

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