Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all. And a happy new year to all!

Feedburner Issues – Still Redirecting To Old Feed

I just noticed that my RSS feed is having some issues directing to the correct feedburner feed. It goes to the old one which I don’t know how to correct. This will need to be chased further thru the options to see what is causing the issue. So much. I will update with any fixes that I may find.

Unknown, USA?

So last week I had to fly to this unknown place. No airline flies there directly from my local airport. So there must be a layover somewhere. Of course, the layover is in the best airports such as Charlotte, NC.

That whole thought is a big yawn.

So I get there for the customer testing. The testing wasn’t really properly done. The customer wasn’t really ready. They were only worried about one main thing that they wanted to verify. They didn’t want to verify the whole thing. Just the one item first.

Flying back the flight was delayed, then cancelled. Got home late night. Was a long day. On top of that one customer person was sniffling his nose. Sneezing. Supposedly had the flu. They didn’t worry about it and put me in the room where this guy also had an office.

Gladly I got out of there minus the flu. It was one lousy week.

Gentoo Problems with Sound

Gentoo is just being childish.

Installed Gentoo using VMware in different VMs. Total 4 installation. In 1 sound worked fine. In other 3 the sound works weird. It plays very fast. Plays the whole song in 10-15 seconds.

Have debugged the issue but haven’t been able to fix it.

Sunday Haps

It’s been a while since my last update. I have been busy working on some stock stuff lately. I have also been working on some music stuff. Writing, composing, recording. And also on listening other people’s music.

Worked on my gentoo setup. Got my DE setup correctly. Well it’s not really a DE. Working on getting ACPI stuff fixed on the laptop so the lid can just be shut down. Currently the hibernate-ram commands works fine putting the computer to Sleep (suspend to RAM). But when waking it up, it doesn’t seem to wake up. I’m not sure if it’s a kernel thing or a module thing. I have all the modules installed based on the documentation, but it still doesn’t work. Will keep working on it.

Slow Sunday. Waiting to go to church in a little bit.

So The Weekend is Here

So the weekend is here. I have nothing special to do. No social life. No social circle. No friends to hang out with. I noticed even the lone friend I have is starting not call anymore. I guess he already knows I won’t go and hang out. I just don’t know how to hang out with my buddy anymore. We have such different personalities in some ways. In many other ways, we also have many things in common.

I need to go make more friends. I would like to go watch the Star Trek movie in theaters. Hopefully, it’s still playing on the big screen.

Got some chores to take of tomorrow. Then I would like to head out to GC and work on figuring out a recording system. I have better options now for drums and bass and I haven’t recorded anything in a long time. I have kind of stopped recording due to Windows 7 not being the right platform for recording.

What a Slow Day

Today was a real slow day. Didn’t get much done. Lost some money today.

Recently, my power supply went out. And I had to pay good money to get it. This is a power supply that isn’t more than 2 months old. It just gave out. Not one shot either. It went out in bursts. It would give out and then run again which would cause a reboot. But then after two days it just stopped working. Anyway, had to be replaced.

Now the new power supply is running nicely. I’m not sure if I want to send the old one for a warranty replacement. I heard the new power supply is pretty nice. I like the unit and I like how quiet it is. Maybe the other one was quiet too. But when the box says, “New”, “Quiet”, etc. you really notice such things.

Also saw a movie. Nice movie. It was fun to hang out. Tomorrow’s Firday. Maybe tomorrow I’ll watch another movie or just hang out. I gotta go out and make some friends to find some girls and to have some friends.

Confessions of a Shopaholic

Just saw the movie. Nice movie. Fashion industry. Clothes. Girls wearing clothes that they claim are fashionable. No idea about those clothes. To me a girl either looks cute/hot/good or not. No idea about super fashion clothes to that extent.

The movie has the laughs, the annoying but good friend, the love interest, the love spark, the breakup, the re-love-spark, the mandatory gay guy, the pink rose ending, and good music.

It was a fun watch. I saw a new movie after a long while. So it was nice to break from the routine of watching old movies or shows.

Cute girl!

Lot of Good Movies to Choose From

So many new movies have come out recently such as the Star Trek movie or the Transformers movies and I haven’t seen any of them. I have been busy and then I haven’t had many people available to go with. But soon blockbuster should have some of those movies so maybe I can just rent the movies. Still watching Star Trek on the big screen would be different.

Your Blog is Gone Forever!

So you changed your domain name. Then you tried to view your WordPress blog.

You see your blog. If the stylesheets are not in cache anymore, you see a plain blog without any styles. You try to access your admin interface. And it routes you to the old domain name and gives an error. You are now stuck out of your blog. You start to freak out. You think you really should have backed up the data. How important is the data after all? What will happen to your entries? Will you need to start anew? Somebody think of children!

First of all – calm down, woman! That’s right, I said woman. This would never happen to guys…. Ok, just kidding. I’m a guy and this just happened to me. WordPress stores the URL of your blog in it’s database. That’s how it makes all the category links and sublinks and inter-post links. This allows you to change your URL and still rely on WordPress to generate all the category links, post links, comments, tags correctly. You simply need to change this value in the database.

Ideally, you should change the site URL in the WordPress settings page before requesting a URL name change from your ISP. But if it’s already done, no biggie. No big deal.

Log in to your ISP interface. Find the option where it allows you to access your database. Open the panel and look for databases. If you have multiple blogs, you will see multiple database. The database you need to open should be numbered in the order which your blog in question was started. Open the database and find the table ‘wp_options’. Open this table and find the column ‘siteurl’. Change the value of this field from the old URL to the new URL. Hit ‘Save’, ‘Go’, or whatever else your interface provides. Now you should be able to login to your WordPress blog and change all the other settings from within by going to the Settings page.

So if you can’t login to your blog after a domain change, do not worry. Simply, change the URL in the database.

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