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Spring is here

Winter is gone, sun is out, spring is here, wonderful feeling.

It’s so nice to see the sun and drive around. It’s nice to not have to wear layers.

Soon summer will be here. Then it will be 100 degrees and people will say that it’s too hot. Until then, nice sunny weather is very enjoyable.

Gentoo Problems with Sound – VMWare

A while ago I blogged about sound problem on Gentoo in VMWare. You can read about it here – Gentoo Problems with Sound.

As it turns out, it was an issue with the in-kernel sound driver for the soundcard that vmplayer emulates. If you’re using kernel 2.6.30-r6 or older, it should work fine. But if you update to a later kernel, it will plays the audio messed up. Solution? Well you could do:

  1. Compile kernel without sound driver, then find the driver independently and use a version that works.
  2. Rollback to 2.6.30-r6 or older.

For compiling kernel without sound driver, it will be a bit of work to find which driver it uses for emulated vmplayer soundcard. lspci on my vmplayer 3 reports:

00:12.0 Multimedia audio controller: Ensoniq ES1371 [AudioPCI-97] (rev 02)

If you can find in the kernel the modules and disable it and then either find the driver binary for your distro or find the source, then you can roll back to a version that works. Keep in mind that it could be some kernel setting that is causing the audio to be played badly. Some realtime or clock settings.

For #2, most distros are on old kernels so it should be fine. By the time more distros move to the newer kernel, it could get fixed in the kernel or a better solution may be blogged about.

Until then, enjoy your linux distro.

Feedburner Issues – Still Redirecting To Old Feed

I just noticed that my RSS feed is having some issues directing to the correct feedburner feed. It goes to the old one which I don’t know how to correct. This will need to be chased further thru the options to see what is causing the issue. So much. I will update with any fixes that I may find.

Your Blog is Gone Forever!

So you changed your domain name. Then you tried to view your WordPress blog.

You see your blog. If the stylesheets are not in cache anymore, you see a plain blog without any styles. You try to access your admin interface. And it routes you to the old domain name and gives an error. You are now stuck out of your blog. You start to freak out. You think you really should have backed up the data. How important is the data after all? What will happen to your entries? Will you need to start anew? Somebody think of children!

First of all – calm down, woman! That’s right, I said woman. This would never happen to guys…. Ok, just kidding. I’m a guy and this just happened to me. WordPress stores the URL of your blog in it’s database. That’s how it makes all the category links and sublinks and inter-post links. This allows you to change your URL and still rely on WordPress to generate all the category links, post links, comments, tags correctly. You simply need to change this value in the database.

Ideally, you should change the site URL in the WordPress settings page before requesting a URL name change from your ISP. But if it’s already done, no biggie. No big deal.

Log in to your ISP interface. Find the option where it allows you to access your database. Open the panel and look for databases. If you have multiple blogs, you will see multiple database. The database you need to open should be numbered in the order which your blog in question was started. Open the database and find the table ‘wp_options’. Open this table and find the column ‘siteurl’. Change the value of this field from the old URL to the new URL. Hit ‘Save’, ‘Go’, or whatever else your interface provides. Now you should be able to login to your WordPress blog and change all the other settings from within by going to the Settings page.

So if you can’t login to your blog after a domain change, do not worry. Simply, change the URL in the database.

New Year

The new year has been slow. Haven’t been doing much this year so far expect work and watch shows. Star Trek mostly.

Merry Christmas!

Well, to the few readers that read this blog, I wish you a very Merry Christmas! And a happy new year.

Let’s not forget the real reason for Christmas.

For to us a child is born, 
to us a son is given, 
and the government will be on his shoulders. 
And he will be called 
Wonderful Counselor, [b] Mighty God, 
Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

Isaiah 9:6 (From NIV)


For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son,[a] that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

John 3:16 (From NIV)

Normal Routine

So went to the Church this morning. Went and washed the car afterwards. Skipped laundry. Have enough shorts and socks to last another 2-3 weeks. However, t-shirts might need to be re-used. That’s OK.

Went to the Texas State Fair yesterday. Had some some Turkey leg. Smoked Turkey leg. Ended up throwing it up at nite. It just wasn’t sitting right. Felt much better in a little bit after that. It was probably the contacts and a sunny day along with dehydration that really caused a big headache. I had a big headache at the end of the day and was driving home thinking, “How can I do this?”. “How can I reach home without passing out from the thumping head?” In the end, it was over and I was glad and I thanked God that the whole ordeal was finished.

Next time, Vitamin water and backup glasses. If the contacts bother, just take them out….




Sometimes I feel so cold
Like I’m waiting around all by myself
Loneliness gets so old
I’m in the lost and found sitting on the shelf
Been stuck for way too long
But I hear Your voice
You’re who I’m counting on

Oh, tell me You’re here
That You will watch over me forever
Oh, take hold of my heart
Show me You’ll love me forever

I know that You can tell
When I start to let my hope fade away
I need to catch myself
Open my ears to hear You calling my name
Been fighting way too long
But I hear Your voice
You had me all along

When I’m starting to drown
You jump in to save me
When my world’s upside down
Your hands, they shake me and wake me

– Fireflight

Note: Lyrics posted without permission. If you’re the copyright (or any other kind of legal right) holder, please notify via email or leave a comment. The lyrics will be removed.

Well It’s Been a While

It’s been a while since I posted. Been a long time since I got a chance to sit down and be alone with my thoughts to figure out what to do next. I was planning on driving back this weekend. But due to my cousin having a wreck, that’s not going to be possible. For now I have decided to stay another week or two.

In the meantime, we’ll try to sort out other matters like insurance, wrecker company, police department, banks, bills, etc.

Falling Inside The Black

Falling Inside The Black

Tonight I’m so alone
This sorrow takes ahold
Don’t leave me here so cold
Never want to be so cold

Your touch used to be so kind
Your touch used to give me life
I’ve waited all this time, I’ve wasted so much time

Don’t leave me alone
Cause I barely see at all
Don’t leave me alone, I’m

falling in the black
Slipping through the cracks
Falling to the depths can I ever go back

Dreaming of the way it used to be
Can you hear me
falling in the black
Slipping through the cracks
Falling to the depths can I ever go back
Falling inside the black
Falling inside falling inside the black

You were my source of strength
I’ve traded everything
That I love for this one thing
Stranded in the offering
Don’t leave me here like this
Can’t hear me scream from the abyss
And now I wish for you my desire

Don’t leave me alone cause I barely see at all

— Skillet

Note: Lyrics posted without permission. If you’re the copyright (or any other kind of legal right) holder, please notify via email or leave a comment. The lyrics will be removed.

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