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So reading some article on linkedin, I came across a term, “Internet of Things”. Really? Is that what we’re stooping to now? Are we out of acronyms? Are we out of buzzwords and catchphrases? Is the synergy gone? Is the Web 2.0 old now. Is cloud computing (since when has an internet based application been anything else?) and Internet of Things the future?

I understand that each year so many grad students need to get published and so many PhD students need to get published. All these students need to have original research and they need to contribute something unique and new, but it’s as if people have stopped even trying. It was meh enough that some guy created rules for how the internet was already working and called it REST. Now all of a sudden 14 years later it’s all the rage. Where were all these RESTful API authors in 2000? That’s right, they just didn’t pay attention until some professional software designer (read professional author) decided he needed a new chapter in his/her latest book.

Ok, then! Internet of Things committed to memory. I’ll be sure to mention this in my next interview along with RESTful API, agile methodologies, sprint, huddle master, cloud computing, and others.

So long Web 2.0, even tho you were about really big buttons, we have Internet of Things now.

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