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Ugh, this rain!

Rain, everyday for a whole week. This spring is starting feel like winter. Well, I’m hoping that the rain will stop and we can enjoy the nice spring days before the temperatures reach 100 degrees and we all start wishing for winter.

Computer Desk (Office)

So I think my computer desk is just not big enough. It’s a simple desk with side drawer, cabinet, and a keyboard drawer. When I need space for writing or drawing I have to use another desk or basically use tables like coffee tables or dinner tables. And all the computer gadgets like my music controller, drawing tablet, musical keyboard have no place. This makes a big mess around the computer area. Think I’d like an L shaped desk where the dual monitor setup, along with all the extra gadgets can have enough space. Oh, I forgot to mention two laptops, joystick, near field monitors, phone charging stuff, etc.

Maybe time to setup a home office!! It could act as home office during the day and recording studio at night. It could even be the game room for playing video games. I mean it’s not like I would play ping pong!

That would be fun.

Headed to LA

Let’s see how long it takes to drive to LA.

Phoenix, It’s Been a While

So, I have a layover in Phoenix. Last time I was here I was driving thru. It was a different feel. Not as rushed and not as restricted as flying.but not as fast either.

I have an hour to kill before boarding the next flight. People watching is not as much fun when you’re sleepy and just want to get there.

Friday means boring….

What? Friday means boring? It means boring.

Fridays means end of the week. The work week is over. It’s time to chill out. It’s time to hang out with friends. With family. With relatives. With other people whose company you enjoy. Two days of downtime, rest and recreation. Sunday is going to be another good day with a start in the church. Then you’re ready for another week.

But if you find not much to do on a Friday night. Saturday will be the same. Then what? You find yourself thinking, “Thank God, the week is over, I don’t have to work for 2 days.” Then you think, “Oh the weekend is here, I have nothing to do.” You’re bored and hoping for Monday just in the big hope of having something to do again.

The party animals and the “happening” people will probably not understand this point. But those sitting home thinking where’s my stash of Star Trek understand this point good enough.

I say someday, I’ll break out of the rut. And I mean it. In the meantime, I’m starting to break out of it and starting the journey to break out of the rut.

New Year

Happy new year to all readers. May the new year bring a lot of good things, and fullfillment of long held dreams.

In this new year, I have decided to spend more time going to church, hanging out with church friends, and to find a band. I have been looking for a band for a long time but never actually searched. I have been in looking mode.

In this new year, I would also like to take more chances to be adventurous and to have more fun. Too often we let work and other small things take so much of our time that we don’t get to appreciate the present. We don’t get to sit down and relax for a moment. We don’t really get to take a deep breath and thank God for all the great things around us. Many of us live in the future. We think when this happens or when that happens, then I’ll do the next step. Or then I’ll really enjoy. But we’re not guaranteed tomorrow. This, the present, is all we have. So I thank God for it. And I pray this new year will be a great year of blessings.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all. And a happy new year to all!

Sunday Haps

It’s been a while since my last update. I have been busy working on some stock stuff lately. I have also been working on some music stuff. Writing, composing, recording. And also on listening other people’s music.

Worked on my gentoo setup. Got my DE setup correctly. Well it’s not really a DE. Working on getting ACPI stuff fixed on the laptop so the lid can just be shut down. Currently the hibernate-ram commands works fine putting the computer to Sleep (suspend to RAM). But when waking it up, it doesn’t seem to wake up. I’m not sure if it’s a kernel thing or a module thing. I have all the modules installed based on the documentation, but it still doesn’t work. Will keep working on it.

Slow Sunday. Waiting to go to church in a little bit.

So The Weekend is Here

So the weekend is here. I have nothing special to do. No social life. No social circle. No friends to hang out with. I noticed even the lone friend I have is starting not call anymore. I guess he already knows I won’t go and hang out. I just don’t know how to hang out with my buddy anymore. We have such different personalities in some ways. In many other ways, we also have many things in common.

I need to go make more friends. I would like to go watch the Star Trek movie in theaters. Hopefully, it’s still playing on the big screen.

Got some chores to take of tomorrow. Then I would like to head out to GC and work on figuring out a recording system. I have better options now for drums and bass and I haven’t recorded anything in a long time. I have kind of stopped recording due to Windows 7 not being the right platform for recording.

What a Slow Day

Today was a real slow day. Didn’t get much done. Lost some money today.

Recently, my power supply went out. And I had to pay good money to get it. This is a power supply that isn’t more than 2 months old. It just gave out. Not one shot either. It went out in bursts. It would give out and then run again which would cause a reboot. But then after two days it just stopped working. Anyway, had to be replaced.

Now the new power supply is running nicely. I’m not sure if I want to send the old one for a warranty replacement. I heard the new power supply is pretty nice. I like the unit and I like how quiet it is. Maybe the other one was quiet too. But when the box says, “New”, “Quiet”, etc. you really notice such things.

Also saw a movie. Nice movie. It was fun to hang out. Tomorrow’s Firday. Maybe tomorrow I’ll watch another movie or just hang out. I gotta go out and make some friends to find some girls and to have some friends.

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