Friday means boring….

What? Friday means boring? It means boring.

Fridays means end of the week. The work week is over. It’s time to chill out. It’s time to hang out with friends. With family. With relatives. With other people whose company you enjoy. Two days of downtime, rest and recreation. Sunday is going to be another good day with a start in the church. Then you’re ready for another week.

But if you find not much to do on a Friday night. Saturday will be the same. Then what? You find yourself thinking, “Thank God, the week is over, I don’t have to work for 2 days.” Then you think, “Oh the weekend is here, I have nothing to do.” You’re bored and hoping for Monday just in the big hope of having something to do again.

The party animals and the “happening” people will probably not understand this point. But those sitting home thinking where’s my stash of Star Trek understand this point good enough.

I say someday, I’ll break out of the rut. And I mean it. In the meantime, I’m starting to break out of it and starting the journey to break out of the rut.

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