Using Different Linux Distros

Have been using Slackware 13 lately. It’s pretty decent. Originally, I was using Kubuntu on this laptop and it required lot of reboots. Sometimes one reboot a day. It got to be so weird. But the KDE version on kubuntu was higher so it had some new knick knacks.

Then I decided to move to slackware on this laptop. Using KDE from the Slackware install. Slackware chooses stable packages and so the packages in Slackware repos are fairly old. As a result KDE doesn’t have KNetworkManager and all wifi stuff must be done using cli. It’s not so much of a problem but every now and then the scripts just start doing odd things and take a while to connect. You can use wicd on it for GUI. But it doesn’t rival KNetworkManager.

Overall Slackware is very much nicer that Kubuntu. The overall gui response is pretty nice.

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