Unknown, USA?

So last week I had to fly to this unknown place. No airline flies there directly from my local airport. So there must be a layover somewhere. Of course, the layover is in the best airports such as Charlotte, NC.

That whole thought is a big yawn.

So I get there for the customer testing. The testing wasn’t really properly done. The customer wasn’t really ready. They were only worried about one main thing that they wanted to verify. They didn’t want to verify the whole thing. Just the one item first.

Flying back the flight was delayed, then cancelled. Got home late night. Was a long day. On top of that one customer person was sniffling his nose. Sneezing. Supposedly had the flu. They didn’t worry about it and put me in the room where this guy also had an office.

Gladly I got out of there minus the flu. It was one lousy week.

Gentoo Problems with Sound

Gentoo is just being childish.

Installed Gentoo using VMware in different VMs. Total 4 installation. In 1 sound worked fine. In other 3 the sound works weird. It plays very fast. Plays the whole song in 10-15 seconds.

Have debugged the issue but haven’t been able to fix it.

Sunday Haps

It’s been a while since my last update. I have been busy working on some stock stuff lately. I have also been working on some music stuff. Writing, composing, recording. And also on listening other people’s music.

Worked on my gentoo setup. Got my DE setup correctly. Well it’s not really a DE. Working on getting ACPI stuff fixed on the laptop so the lid can just be shut down. Currently the hibernate-ram commands works fine putting the computer to Sleep (suspend to RAM). But when waking it up, it doesn’t seem to wake up. I’m not sure if it’s a kernel thing or a module thing. I have all the modules installed based on the documentation, but it still doesn’t work. Will keep working on it.

Slow Sunday. Waiting to go to church in a little bit.

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