Chasing a Dream?

Got tired of going to work and doing nothing all day. Well, it’s not nothing. But it’s meaningless work.

It’s not work you’d think of later and feel satisfaction of knowing that you spent your time, time out of your life, doing something that meant something. Something that contributed to society in some meaningful way. Or something that was enjoyable to do. It’s all politics with the internal customer and games. Tell something here and tell something there.

On the other hand, the super markets have reduced my 401k by a good 30%. Last checking showed about 30% down. Good thing I don’t have to retire in the next five years. Although, that would be nice. I’d like to work towards retiring early and then doing something more fun. Some like playing videos games on the computer…. No just kidding. Something like travelling the world or so.

Until then, I’ll try to think of something else I can do.

On a yet another note, I have been watching Team Knight Rider on Hulu. Fun times in college when late night, I used to watch that show. Along with the many other Nick At Nite shows. Never worried about mid terms or finals or what have you…

More Breakaway Ideas?

It was pointed to me that the trip is over and the “little breakaway” is over. And now breakaway must be explained again and a new meaning must be assigned to it.

This whole time, I have been just wanting to catalog ideas and implement some of those ideas in the breakaway sense. So a little breakaway here and a little there. Just something to make a little break from the regular 9 to 5 rut. Something fun to do. I have quite a few ideas to work on. The biggest ones are:

  1. Bike – Buy a motorbike. The summer is almost over so it will have to be next spring. However, the winter time might give good opportunities to buy a bike.
  2. Music – Find a band to play with. Currently, looking for an apartment and then will try to find more musicians to hang out with.

More ideas as I think of them will be listed here. I’ll try to do some of these things on the list so that I’ll get a little chance to think in different directions and to focus on some of my goals.

Normal Routine

So went to the Church this morning. Went and washed the car afterwards. Skipped laundry. Have enough shorts and socks to last another 2-3 weeks. However, t-shirts might need to be re-used. That’s OK.

Went to the Texas State Fair yesterday. Had some some Turkey leg. Smoked Turkey leg. Ended up throwing it up at nite. It just wasn’t sitting right. Felt much better in a little bit after that. It was probably the contacts and a sunny day along with dehydration that really caused a big headache. I had a big headache at the end of the day and was driving home thinking, “How can I do this?”. “How can I reach home without passing out from the thumping head?” In the end, it was over and I was glad and I thanked God that the whole ordeal was finished.

Next time, Vitamin water and backup glasses. If the contacts bother, just take them out….


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